All About Diabetes


Diabetes is a medical condition wherein your body cannot create insulin of its own. This causes your body to not have any regulation on the amount of sugar inside your body. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder. This is what happens to the food that you consume if you have diabetes. For example, if you are on your Amsterdam city trip and then you feel hyperglycemic, this means that you are suffering from high blood sugar. The sugar in your body comes from glucose that comes from the animals that you eat. The problem with someone who has diabetes is that his body, particularly, his pancreas is not able to respond accordingly to the amount of glucose.

Two Types of Diabetes

diabetesThe first type of diabetes is Type 1 Diabetes. This is also called juvenile diabetes because it is usually found out during childhood. This is an autoimmune disease wherein the pancreas cannot create insulin because the immune system treats these hormones as enemies of the body. The fast solution for someone with symptoms of Type 1 diabetes is to inject insulin.

The type 2 diabetes occurs when the cells in your body cannot convert the sugar into something useful. Because you are retaining all the sugar inside your body, it will end up piling up over one another until you have a high blood sugar level.

Symptoms of Diabetes

If your body is prone to diabetes because of someone you know, like maybe a family or a relative, you should look out for these symptoms. Someone who has diabetes easily gets hungry and thirsty. Someone with diabetes frequently goes to the bathroom. Diabetes can also cause someone to grow big or to become smaller. This is because the disorder can cause your body to lose or gain weight. Both instances are not good and healthy.

Someone with diabetes also has skin infections or darkening of the skin which can be very evident once diabetes starts with you. If you look at the wounds of someone who has diabetes, it will seem that it will take more time to heal.