Most frequent questions and answers

Auto Medic is your online resource of medical information. You can read a lot of articles, personal diagnosis, psychiatric evaluations, and understanding of human behaviors. If you think that you have a sickness, you can use our articles as a basis for your illness.

We have a lot of writers on our website. We did build a website with just ten doctors who are voluntarily creating articles for the sole purpose of educating the public regarding different sicknesses of people. They realized that not all people have access to a formal diagnosis of doctors and so, they aim to provide enough information for people to go to a personal doctor for medical and professional diagnosis?

It is because, sometimes, people can become too stubborn to go to the doctor. They will just say that what they are feeling are just normal colds or coughs. But their illnesses can be worse than expected. Our website’s goal is to make people go to the doctor when they need to.

No. All of our diagnoses and symptoms that are published on this website are based on actual textbooks and documented incidents and events for patients. But just as the experience of people differs from one another, so does the illnesses that patients suffer from. We advise people to go to the nearest hospital if they are feeling different from the ordinary.

We always recommend our website visitors to go to a hospital if they feel that they have an illness. All of the articles published on this website are just generalizations of the sicknesses and the symptoms that the patients are having.

We suggest that you go to your doctor to evaluate your current condition. Go to the hospital that has your medical history. You should also have someone with you just in case you have to be confined to the hospital.