What Are the Causes of Hypertension?


Hypertension is another term that we use for high blood pressure. This is a condition wherein the vein of the blood that is going in and out of the heart is being blocked by fat or any other kind of material inside. The blockage in the vein causes the pressure caused by the flow of the blood to increase until such time that it may cause another condition like heart attack, stroke, or even instant death. You must always be aware of any changes that your body may be feeling especially if you are having a hard time moving or are having pains in the chest. These are tell-tale signs that you may be having hypertension.

Hypertension is not an Amsterdam holiday that you just go along with it until it ends. This is a condition that leads to harsher effects. So you must know its causes so that you can prevent yourself from having one yourself.

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smokingOne cause of high blood pressure is smoking. Smoking is a habit of using cigarettes or tobacco. This habit is done consistently and is directly causing adverse effects to the lungs and other major parts of the body. One part that is greatly affected by smoking is the flow of the blood. This is because smoking regularly increases the risk of the person getting atherosclerosis. This, in turn, causes plaque buildup in the arteries which may cause high blood pressure.

Being Obese

Another cause of hypertension is obesity. Obesity is basically increasing the body fat which may cause fats to develop on the arteries which can lead to high blood pressure. Obesity is a prevailing problem in the US, in Europe, and other parts of the world. The fats that are being created and consumed by the body causes it to block the passageway of the blood. The blockage will lead to hypertension and with great possibility, it will cause a heart attack or stroke.


stressStress is also one way to create high blood pressure inside the body. Our website visitors who do not go on Amsterdam holidays and keeps worrying at home and work are in danger of getting a lot of stress which may lead to hypertension.